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Sweetwater Branch Inn Review – Gainesville, Florida

McKenzieHouse - Exterior Back

Phew! We got a BIG one for you today. Todays review is for the Sweetwater Branch Inn in Gainesville, Florida. The reason I say this is a big one, is because this is our most in-depth tourism project to date. Natsuko and I spent a total of 4 days on location to capture all the content needed for this…and spent 2 days photographing the largest 360 tour we have ever made. Make sure to check out the 360 tour link!

Sweetwater Branch Inn…wow…all I can say is…best food we had on the whole trip. Seriously…our hearts were racing and an alarm clock was not necessary to wake up to that breakfast. They have some of the best breakfast chefs and unique foods we have ever eaten at a B&B. Hands-down, best food we had on the whole trip. One of the cool things they have is an orange squeezer so you can make your own fresh squeezed orange juice. We were lucky enough to be there during the peak season of oranges…so it was even more delicious. When we finished with breakfast…we both would say…errrr…we ate too much. But it was great!

The Sweetwater Branch Inn has an increadibly sweet staff. We got to work mostly with Katie, Cornelia, & Paula…who were more than helpful in making sure we had everything necessary to get our job done. I can’t express how sweet these girls are! If they were that sweet to us (and we were working for them), I can only imagine how sweet they are with guests.

This Inn has so many unique little rooms to sleep in…from the 2 main houses, to all the little cottages. It really is a blast to the past, as you experience an atmosphere of the 1800’s. However, each room has all the modern luxuries you would expect from a present day B&B. The place is very clean & the beds are super comfortable. Natsuko and I truly feel that every B&B should be held to the same standards as this Inn. 5 stars all around.Garden Statue

Natsuko and I got to stay in one of their nicest rooms, “The Carriage House”. It was a comfortable & very large suite which was perfect to relax in in-between photography session. They really took care of us while we were there.

One of the most spectacular things about the Sweetwater Branch Inn are it’s gardens & wedding reception hall. Now unfortunately, we were filming in January/February….so many of the flowers were not in bloom, but I can just imagine how it would look. It’s like a dreamland for a wedding. The reception hall is huge and can host the biggest of weddings, and the Honeymoon Cottage is literally footsteps away from the gardens. We imagine this would be perfect for the bride and groom to be able to step away from the wedding for a few minutes to catch their breath.

Another thing we liked about the Sweetwater Branch Inn was all the kitty cats running around outside. All the cute furry friends help make this place feel like a home away from home.

Natsuko truly enjoyed our time at the Sweetwater Branch Inn…enough that we had to come back at the end of our trip. It was a perfect place to finish up our Florida filming trip…and we really hope to go back there sometime! 5 stars from us, and one of our favorite places to stay yet (and you know we stay at a ton of places).

Visit the Sweetwater Branch Inn Website – HERE

See our photos – HERE

360 Virtual Tour – HERE

Japanese Review – HERE

Review by Chibi Moku

Jones Clayton Construction – Golden Oak at Walt Disney

Jones ExteriorBackNight2

Well, we did it this time. Natsuko and I think this may be our best video yet. We really got it right on this one. This video is for Jones Clayton Construction, and one of their masterpieces on Golden Oak Estates at Walt Disney. This house is called “Evening Sun“, and has some of the most amazing architecture we have filmed yet. Evening Sun is located right in the heart of Disney…on the brand new residentual estates of Golden Oak. This will be one of the most exclusive residential area in Orlando…and this real estate is “HOT!”.

Jones Clayton is developing quite a few amazing homes here…and we were lucky enough to get to film one of them. We worked with Rial, aLivingRoom LookUp super chill guy who just let us do our thing. We spent the day (actually 2 days because we came back to get some nice blue-sky exterior shots) working our magic and capturing this elegant home. I could go on and on about how amazing it was…but this is one of those homes that a picture (or video) speaks a thousand words. We ended up going crazy with the photography, and took so many more pictures that anticipated.

Jones ExteriorFront1

Evening Sun has gorgeous ceiling high windows that look out to the pool, which is by far the center-point of this home. But, our personal favorite about this home was the master bathroom. Evening Sun has one of the most amazing bathrooms we had ever scene. It just screams “romance”!!

We really hope to film more homes like this in the future…because the white in the house really just looks great on 1080p video. Check out the Jones Clayton Construction website if you are looking to have a 1-of-a-kind home designed for you in the Orlando area.

Jones Clayton Construction Homepage –Here

Photos – Here

Evening Sun 360 Virtual Tour – Here

Japanese Review – Here

Review by Chibi Moku

Anna Maria in a Day – Presented by Duncan Real Estate


We have a quite different kind of video for you today. This was a total blast to film as it is a little different than most of the videos we shot on the trip. This was a general tourism video for Anna Maria Island for Duncan Real Estate. Duncan Real Estate is one of the biggest real estate companies on the island providing amazing vacation rentals. They have a sweet team of girls who were very helpful in showing us where to film on the island.

Natsuko and I spent our day just cruising around the island looking for nice places to film. We really got to see every little corner of this wonderful place. Anna Maria sits on the west coast of Florida just north of Sarasota. It has such a “small town” vibe with tiny family run shops all over. Duncan Real Estate is located on Pine Street…once of the cutest little streets on the island. It has some great restaurants, interesting shops, and wonderful scenery at each end of the street.

One of our personal favorite parts of the island is Historic Town. It also has some great restaurants…but a very chill vibe because of all the places to eat outside. Natsuko and I found one of the most amazing places to get ice cream and smoothies too…I think we went there 2ce that day. City

One of the most amazing things on Anna Maria Island are the sunsets. Natsuko and I finished up our day on the beach…and watched one of the most amazing sunsets we had ever seen. So many colors…pinks, oranges, yellows…almost too bright for human eyes. We captured a gorgeous sunset time-lapse that evening…and just had a romantic evening watching it while our cameras snapped a-way.

ClockNatsuko and I highly recommend Anna Maria Island and staff at Duncan Real Estate. They are such a cool & down-to-earth group of girls who really want you to have a memorable stay on the island. There are not many places in Florida as clean & un-developed as Anna Maria Island, so check it out if you want to experience that small-town feel yet bath in Florida’s nice weather.

Visit Duncan Real Estates Homepage

Anna Maria Photos – Here

Japanese Review – Here

Review by Chibi Moku

Interior Design by Shelly Preziosi Review – Boca Raton, Florida

AlteredSpace1We have a VERY VERY special video for you today! Natsuko and I are pleased to be now working with interior designers to create profile videos about their work…and this is the first video of this kind that we have made. We are EXTREMELY happy with the way it turned out! This is one of the most amazing homes we have ever filmed…from its architecture to its design…perfect in so many ways.

Shelly Preziosi is an interior designer located in Boca, Raton Florida. She has worked for Bloomingdales, and is a very accomplished designer. When we arrived at in Boca Raton to film this home…we had NO idea what we were getting into. All we can say is WOW…and our pictures & video can speak for themselves. I could go on and on about all the amazing art in this home…but the whole home is just that…a work of art!

Shelly worked with architect Don Yoshino on this home “The Gathering Space”. He is a VERY established architect a president of the AIA. His vision of volume and scale for this home really made a perfect canvas for Shelly’s designs.

Shelly has such an an amazing eye for design…and Natsuko and I specifically loved her ideas for bathrooms. Since Natsuko and I have lived in Japan for the last 5 1/2 years…we have come to love the way the Japanese view bathing. It is an almost religious experience in Japan…where you can relax and forget about all your troubles. Shelly definetely uses this approach to her bathrooms. No words can describe it…so just watch the video and you will see!

She also has such a great approach to dealing with her clients. Shelly is all about YOU…and what works for you. She is simply and idea machine to help find the atmosphere you are looking to create.

We are so happy to have found Shelly and create this style of video. We feel it is very dynamic, fun, and informative. We stayed for 3 days at “The Gathering Space” to capture everything we need…and the whole time we felt like we were in an art gallery. It was truly a great experience for Natsuko and I…and quite different than most the videos we have made in the past.

Visit Shelly’s website for more information about her services and past work. A great designer…very kind…wait….one-of-a-kind!

Website – Interior Design by Shelly Preziosi

Photos – (coming soon)

Japanese Review – HERE

Cinematography by Chibi Moku

Blue Heron Inn Review – Amelia Island, Florida

Boats1We have another cute & historic B&B today for you. This is the Blue Heron Inn on Amelia Island. When people take a Florida vacation…sometimes they they don’t realize how nice the northern part of Florida is. The people are friendly, the weather is less drastic, and the lifestyle is a little bit slower paced. This is definitely true on this hidden island. Amelia Island has a cute little downtown area with a harbor (a great place to watch the sunset). There are some fun local shops and great places to eat. There are also tons of herons, pelicans, cranes, and other birds local to the area to watch down at the harbor. Pelicans

The Blue Heron Inn is situated right beside the downtown area, and you can walk in about 2 minutes right to the heart of the town. The owners…Julie and David…are such a nice couple! We got to work with Julie quite a bit because we were making a proper commercial for television and movie theaters for them. We had a fun time recording her interview for this video…and had a million laughs while making it.

The Blue Heron Inn is one of the cleanest and most well furnished inns we have filmed yet. Their eye for classic design is incredible, and they have really kept that 1800’s classic feel in this home. Julie’s eye for color is great too. She used many unique colors for each of the rooms…yet they are so soft and subtle and create a pleasant atmosphere. As cinematographers…we love it when a home has different colors because it helps make a more dynamic video.

There are 6 elegant rooms in this inn…each with a unique style. For instance, the Princess Amelia room really feels like it was made for a princess! The Cay room feels like something you would find onboard a ship 100’s of years ago. It it really neat to see how they designed each of these rooms. Some of them even have 1800’s style bathtubs…which really makes you feel like you are experiencing life the way it was 100’s of years ago. The Sandpiper Suite on the top floor is a perfect place for a honeymoon stay and is by far the largest of all the rooms. It has a hot-tub bath, 2 sofas, and a spacious interior.

The common areas are on both the 1st and 2nd floor. They have games to play, books to read, and an overall atmosphere of warmth and comfort. You can also relax on the wrap-around porch…which is perfect in the evenings.

Natsuko and I really enjoyed our stay here…and it gave us a chance to make a video in a different style than we are used to. We even got a chance to drive around the town and get some shots for the video that were not inside the home.

The big news from our trip to Amelia Island is that we had one of our photos published on the front page, in color…of the News Leader newspaper. Its the photo at the top of this review of the boat. They were kind enough to send us a copy of the newspaper to our home here in Pennsylvania.

We highly recommend that anyone taking a Florida vacation…stop through Amelia Island at least for a day. It’s a great place to relax until you get to the hustle & bustle of the southern east coast. You can’t pick a better place to stay than the Blue Heron Inn. Julie & David are sweet innkeepers who will make your stay comfortable & memorable. I bet you even come back!

Website – Blue Heron Inn

360 Virtual Tour – HERE

Japanese Review – HERE

Cinematography by Chibi Moku

At Journey’s End Bed & Breakfast Review – St. Augustine, Florida

DogHatWe are very happy to start releasing some new reviews starting today as we start to upload the first videos from our Florida trip. The first on our list today is At Journey’s End B&B in St. Augustine, Florida. Natsuko and I drove down from Pennsylvania to St. Augustine in 2 days after a small pit stop in NC. When we arrived in St. Augustine…we were AMAZED at how unique this city is. Of all the American cities we have filmed in, St. Augustine is by far the most unique.

OldestRoadSt. Augustine is known as the oldest city in America…and we are talking 1500’s old. Some of the streets still have the original bricks from when the city was started. The town really has a Spanish feel, since it was settled by the Spaniards in the 1500’s. You can literally walk around the city in about 25 minutes…and there are so many cute shops and interesting attractions…oh and did I mention GREAT food. St. Augustine is really a hidden gem in Florida that everyone has to see if they are taking an east coast Florida vacation.

When we arrived at “At Journey’s End”, we were greeted by Tim & John, the innkeepers. They were nice enough to let us stay for a couple nights rather than just one so we could get a chance to see the city on our first day there before filming. We walked around the city and took a bunch of great photos. On our second day there, we woke up and had a breakfast delicious made by them. It was a kind of food I had never seen before…eggs cooked inside avocados. Mmmmmmmm!!!! A perfect way to start our day. We then began to film for the rest of the day.

At Journey’s End is located right in the heart of the city. It really doesn’t get much closer to the downtown area than this. It sits on a cute little street with some other B&B’s, and really has that 1800’s historic feel. The inn has 5 rooms in the main home, and they are building a brand new room just behind the ouse in a separate building which is most likely completed by now. Each is decorated with a theme…so make sure you look at the pictures on their website to see which one you like best. Tim & John have a great eye for interior design…and the rooms are so cozy. A couple of them even have massive bathrooms…with a large bath. The room we stayed in, “The Amelia Earhart Room”…had a brand new bathroom with such elegant design.

There is a nice little common area downstairs for relaxing, as well as rocking chairs on the porch. It is a great place to just forget about all the troubles in your life and think about how life was hundreds of years ago. And since it is located RIGHT in the downtown area…you can easily take multiple trips out through the city in the day and come back for a short rest inbetween.HorseChurch

Natsuko and I highly recommend At Journeys End…and just as highly recommend St. Augustine. It truly is a special little city hidden on the east coast of Florida. There is nothing like it in the United States. Visit the At Journey’s End website for more information about staying right in the heart of this historic city.

Website – At Journeys End

Photos – Here

360 Tour – Here

Japanese Review – Here

Cinematography by Chibi Moku

It’s 5 o’clock Here Review – Lake Lanier Vacation Rental – Gainesville, Georgia

Today we have a video that we shot WAY back in July…but did not release until now. It’s 5 o’clock here vacation rental nestled right on the shores of Lake Lanier.

This was our first stop on our Georgia/North Carolina trip back in July…and boy did we have a blast. The first thing that is awesome about this place is it’s owner. John is an awesome fun guy that Natsuko and I have made great friends with! We actually had so much fun at his place, that we will be going back to visit him this summer to do some water skiing and tubing. He took Natsuko and I out on the water…and we actually filmed them water skiing. That was such a blast! You can see some of the video below.

This place is perfect for a family because of the downstairs area. There is a great place for kids to hang out…and there is a pool table. There are 4 bedrooms in total, and a nice bunk area downstairs for the kids. This place was quite a challenge to film because of all the mixed light. It is a very BRIGHT place upstairs because of the large windows looking into the dining area. Also..the deck has such an amazing view from the top floor…and did I mention a HOT TUB!

They absolute best thing about It’s 5 o’clock here is its location! You are RIGHT on the lake…and actually, it is the last spot on the lake. So it is a very PRIVATE place. You walk down the hill to the 2 level dock, where you can park a boat. People that stay here gotta love the water…because it has some of the best glass (the new word we learned that means “still water”) around. It really is perfect for people who love to water ski.

One very unique thing that Natsuko and I loved about this place are the sounds. The sounds of the frogs, insects, & birds is so amazing during the sunrise and sunset times. It really feels like you have your own little piece of paradise while sitting down on the docks and watching the sun come up. I personally made a note to be up by 5:30am to capture the time-lapse of the sunrise twice!

Natsuko and I can’t recommend this place enough. John is a totally down-to-earth guy who has put together a place that is made for fun!

Check out It’s 5 o’clock here via their website or VRBO. It will be that perfect Georgia vacation you will never forget!

View the website – HERE

View the photos we took – HERE

Review by Chibi Moku

View our Japanese review – HERE

Adventure Suites Review – A Theme Hotel – North Conway, New Hampshire

We have a CRAZY one for you today. This is one of the coolest, funkiest, & most exciting places we have ever filmed! Adventure Suites in North Conway, New Hampshire.

If you have never been to a theme hotel, you gotta try one at least once. These places are so romantic and perfect for a honeymoon or anniversary vacation…and Adventure Suites may top them all.

We had 3 days to film here…and boy did we shoot a ton! We shot 10 360 tours, XXX photos, & a long and thorough video for Adventure Suites. One of the best parts is that Natsuko and I got to stay in both The Jungle & Roman Rendezvous! These are 2 of their nicest and most elaborate rooms…and Natsuko and I had a GREAT time! The Jungle has some of the best lighting of all the rooms…and Roman Rendezvous has electrical automation that would make James Bond jealous!

Each room at Adventure Suites is designed in a different theme. Kathy (the owner) has designed each of these rooms…and has skipped no detail. Every little corner of each room is full of artistic surprises, unique automation, & world-class furnishings. I can only imagine the amount of money that has gone into each of these rooms. It’s literally something out of a storybook.

A couple of our favorites (besides the rooms we stayed in) were the Tree House & The Cave. The Tree House really feels like something out of a Disney Movie. The upstairs room has short ceilings…and you feel like a giant. The Cave really feels like you are in cave…and has the coolest couches & ceilings we have ever seen.

Considering we are film buffs…Showtime was also a REALLY cool as well. The whole place is built like a movie theatre. Showtime also had the best bathroom in our opinion. So bright, cute, and with panoramic windows so you don’t have to stop the movie when in the hot tub.

I could go on and on about how amazing this place is! One of the best things about Adventure Suites is their movie collection. They have practically every DVD in a collection in the lobby. You can borrow DVDs for FREE…and watch them in your room. And did I mention you can alway see the LCD TV from your hot tub. Each room has elegant hot tubs within viewing distance of the TV…which is quite romantic.

I can’t stress enough how awesome Adventure Suites is. It is probably our best video yet…best 360 tour yet…and best photographs of interiors yet. We hope our multimedia gives you a great example of what you get when you go there…however pictures can never capture the real atmosphere of these places. You have got to see it for yourself to really experience Adventure Suites!

Visit their website for more details – Adventure Suites Homepage

Photos – View Here

360 Virtual Tour – View Here

Review by Chibi Moku

View our Japanese Review HERE

Chibi Moku Photo on Kameraoke 2012 Book

Natsuko and I just found out that our photo is on the cover of the 2012 Kameraoke photo book this year! This shot was taken in Osaka Castle Park in Osaka, Japan. I shot it, Natsuko edited it! This was her first photo release that made it in the newspapers in Japan as well.Kameraoke


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