Chibi Moku received Editors Award from & other press

Wow. We have been totally stunned with the amount of support we have received for our “Wing Chun sa Pilipinas” documentary. We are getting countless emails from news outlets, blogs, & Sifus all over the world. I wanted to make note of some of the great people in the community who have been helping us along.

First off, we have received the EDITORS AWARD for the 2nd time from You can see our video here –

Aside from this we have been picked up by some more great documentary/video websites. I want to send my WARMEST thank you to all these great websites & friends who have helped share our doc. Many of these guys are at the heart of spreading independent documentaries and films. –,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, &

A special thanks to Emilio at for his kind article he wrote about us!!!

…as well as some Filipino entertainment blogs –,,,  StarTriga,, &

Thanks to Kiven over at

We are even more happy to have received such amazing support from the Wing Chun and martial arts community. Here are some of the great schools, Sifus, and blog owners who have written articles and shared our video with the world!

James from MMAGOSS.COM

Robert from and the great article who wrote about the documentary!

Robert & Sifu Chien from Japan –

Chris from

Also KarateRox Blog

Trent from Bear Warrior International –

Bob Patterson from

And also thanks to Sifu Marco Kavalier, Peter Horler and all the others who shared us on facebook, twitter, blogs, & anyone we forgot! Thanks a lot everyone! I will keep this post updated with anyone else who writes about the documentary. We are very excited with the great support we are getting!

About chibimoku

Chibi Moku is a videography company based in Osaka, Japan & Honolulu Hawaii.

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