Kyoto – Philippines – Maine – AMERICA!!!

Natsuko and I have been so busy over the last 2 months…that we haven’t had much time to write in our blogs. So I thought I would give a quick update as to whats going on for us! We are going through the biggest change in our married life for sure…and are squeezing so much into such a short time.

First off…we finally got back from our 1 month America trip…and boy was it a trip of a lifetime. Filming from helicopters, on speed boats, on horseback, massive waterfalls, volcanos, 200 year old homes, gambling in Atlantic City, a huge hippie wedding in Hawaii (where we met Val Kilmer)…whoa! Too much right!?!?! All in 1 month. We met some of the most amazing people and got work with many of them. The wedding we filmed (which will be released in a 1 1/2 months) was a wedding unlike any other. I won’t even try to describe it here…but when a couple flies 2 videographers from Japan to the Big Island to film a wedding, you know it’s gotta be something spectacular. So many sweet clients and new friends made…we can’t even count!

Also, I just finished up filming a short movie called “Tsuzuku” in Kyoto last week. The whole crew flew in from New York to create a movie about love during the earthquake. We worked for 6 days…and only slept 3 hours a day. It was the hardest endurance challenge I had ever faced in my life…but, in the end…we got the shots! It will be coming out in Feburary in theaters in New York…so Natsuko and I will have to head out there for the premiere early next year. I was the director of cinematography…and did all the camera and cinema work for the film. I got to work with a really fun young crew as well as director Alessandro de Ballegarde. It was nice to work on a film rather than homes for a change…but I still prefer my day job. Movies are TOUGH!!!!

Other than that…Natsuko and I have been working 14-16 hour days trying to get all the videos edited that we shot in America. We are releasing 7/10 tomorrow, and are quite excited to show our new work. We are finishing up some of the 360 tours today, and will be launching our new website in a couple days as well. We have a lot to prepare for as we are moving out of our house on the 31st.

And then the real journey begins. On Sept 1st, I will head down to the Philippines again for 2 weeks to work on some of the fight scenes for an action/martial arts film we are working on. This is mostly to ramp up support for the main film next year…so we are shooting some of the fight scenes. 2 weeks of fight filming…YEA!!! I love filming martial arts because it spawns so many new film techniques for me. There are a bunch of people who live down there as well as a few traveling from Japan & America to work on this…so its gonna be good. I also get to see my best friend who lives down there. It will be my last chance to see him for a while…and it will definetely be a different pace than I have been used to. All these guys are friends of mine…so not only will we film some great stuff, we will get to chill and relax before Natsuko and I head back to America….

Yup…thats right…Natsuko and I are going to America. We are moving for the next 6 months back to Pennsylvania to do a ton of film work in America. We have spent 5 1/2 years here in Japan…but are getting a lot of good business over in the states. So on Sept 15/16, we are flying in to NYC and then driving to PA. We will buy a car, get insurance and a few things we need for our business…and then hit the road again. This time….MAINE! I have always wanted to see Maine in the fall…and we have been lucky enough to get a few clients up there already. So we will be contacting a few other nice homes in the area, as well as filming the homes already booked up there. We plan to stay in Maine from the end of September until the end of October. 1 month in the woods of Maine filming some beautiful homes and looking for moose!🙂 After Maine…Natsuko and I will return home to edit until Christmas…and enjoy some time off. We will have been going litereally non-stop for 4 months…so we will relax a bit…and just enjoy time with our family in Pennsylvania. Natsuko is learning to shoot a bow…so I plan to teach her a lot about shooting. Also, it will be nice just playing with my niece and nephew, and getting closer with my family who I have been away from for 5 1/2 years.

After all this, we have a few others places we will travel to in early 2012…including Florida, Aspen, New Mexico…and hopefully Paris. All in the works.

Well thats it for now. I probably won’t blog for another month as it’s a busy one!

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Chibi Moku is a videography company based in Osaka, Japan & Honolulu Hawaii.

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